Welcome to Thor Hardware Services, formerly G.H.Paddock Consultants. We have changed our name but not our service or service levels.  We offer competitive pricing for making house calls or small business calls for computer repairs, installations, wired and wireless networks and general troubleshooting. Check us out. You won't be disappointed!  I am available just about anytime to service your computer and network needs. Just give me a call! 405-633-2334

"Thor, the thunderer, Odin's eldest son, is the strongest of gods and men, and possesses three very precious things. The first is a hammer, which both the Frost and Mountain giants know to their cost, when they see it hurled against them in the air, for it has split many a skull of their fathers and kindred. When thrown, it returns to his hand of its own accord. The second rare thing he possesses is called the belt of strength. When he girds it about him his divine might is doubled. The third, also very precious, is his iron gloves, which he puts on whenever he would use his mallet efficiently." —Bulfinch, 1897

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