Geoff is by far the best computer support person I have ever used.  He is always available, professional and informative no matter what my question or concern.  He has made my anxiety level virtually non existent when it comes to computer support and I highly recommend him to everyone who owns a computer!

Sandee Coffey

Realtor, e-Pro






If and when you need quality, reliable, and trustworthy computer service, Geoff Paddock is it.  He has provided peace of mind with his knowledge and capabilities.  I own a very busy retail store and rely on my computers for daily operation.  Geoff has been here for me in the past 7 years and I know when I need assistance in the future he is only a call away.

Joy Cottrell

Joy's Packing & Shipping

Hutchinson, Kansas


I confirm that I have worked with Geoff Paddock since 1998, during which time he has provided my business with excellent support in the areas of IT Support. He went on to become an all around trouble-shooter and problem-solver with our company’s IT System. His work has been a major factor in our company’s IT success, helping it to become one of the most reliable resources within our company. Geoff has always been responsive to trouble calls and his technical support aided Infinity Logistics’ successful delivery on the web of our systems to our customers. His depth of knowledge and his ability to present his solutions helped us adopt the new methods quickly and put good equipment in place for our employees.

I can confidently recommend Geoff Paddock as a solid and reliable supplier, and expert in the IT field.

Kevin A. Kelly
Infinity Logistics





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